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Our users have posted a total of 307300 articles within 17508 topics

This board has 54549025 visitors in total since September 26, 2002

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Regler för Swedish Maffia Community
Allmänna Regler
Counter-Strike Regler
Ventrilo Regler
General Rules
Counter-Strike Rules
Ventrilo Rules

On Swedish Maffia Community we are not mean to each other. That means, we don't write, say or do things to people to make them sad or to put them down in any way.

If you're nice to the people on SWM.se, they will be nice to you, and before you know it, you'll have friends all over Sweden.
Further, you don't have to cheat to make people like you. Whether you're skilled or not you will be accepted here, if you're just willing to follow our rules.

If you don't follow our rules you can count on getting banned from our services. If you are banned two times earlier dont be suprised if the third is a perm

If your unsure if something is allowed or not, ask first.
Remember: Using our services is not a right. It's a privilege.

Read below about what it means not to be an asshole.
The rules apply to our game servers, our forum, IRC, Ventrilo and other services we may offer.

Without cursing and bad language everything is so much nicer.

You should not use words relating to genitalia, sex, condescending words pertaining to the handicapped or a persons sexuality. Profanity is to be avoided on our servers but will not result in a kick or ban if you don't use it excessivly.

These rules also apply to nicknames.
The languages that we use are Swedish and English.

Any sort of racism has no place in a civilised community nor on Swedish Maffia. Doing, saying, writing anything that might be racist will result in a permanent ban.

Calculated as a percentage there are very few girls playing this game therefor you should do your very best to make their stay here a plesant one.
Sexual harassments, against boys and girls, are prohibited by law and are therefore strictly forbidden on Swedish Maffia.

Never talk down to another person. Treat each other with respect!
Breaking these rules will most certainly result in ban. If it comes to the worst, a permban.

Whine, spam and advertisement
Whine: Whining about getting killed and lagg etc.

Spam: Writing things repeatedly. One time is enough. For example "Votemap X!".
Scripts on IRC that spams out information is not allowed, for example: awayscripts.

Advertisement: Plugging webpages, services and products is forbidden on gameservers and IRC. It's OK to advertise your clans webpage in our forum (your forum signature).

Stealing other peoples nicknames are not allowed. This applies to nicknames known to SWM.se.
Nicks like HeatoN, JAEGARN ect is known to us, so don´t even go there.

Final words
We hope that you have a pleasent time here with us on Swedish Maffia
We and many members in the community has put down alot of time and money, to find a "sanctuary" free from rabble, and we ask nothing more from you than a big smile and a happy mood to be more than welcome!

If you want to play here, play by the rules. So if you disagree on these rules above, simply don´t play here! Nobody would be happier than us.

If you belive that you have been unfairly treated, we can debate outside the server, on the forum or in #SwM.se @ QuakeNet. Admins are people that does this for free and on their spare time. It happens that we do mistakes, but we are no worse people than we can admit it.

If you belive somthing is wrong, or something that we can improve please contat us!
Swedish Maffias admins are always open for discussion.

The time is now 7:17
All times are GMT + 1 Hour

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