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Rules for Swedish Maffia's CS comunity

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2003 20:20 pm    Post subject: Rules for Swedish Maffia's CS comunity Reply with quote

Rules for Swedish Maffias comunity


Don't be an asshole and don't cheat!
On SWM.se we are not mean to each other. That means, we don't write, say or do things to people to make them sad or to put them down in any way.

If you're nice to the people on SWM.se, they will be nice to you, and before you know it, you'll have friends all over Sweden.
Further, you don't have to cheat to make people like you. Whether you're skilled or not you will be accepted here, if you're just willing to follow our rules.

If you don't follow our rules you can count on getting banned from our services.
If you missbehave twice in a row you have to can count on getting banned permanently from our services.

Read below about what it means not to be an asshole.
The rules apply to our game servers, our forum, IRC, Ventrilo and other services we may offer.

Without cursing and bad luange everything is so much nicer.

You should not use words relating to genitalia, sex, condescending words pertaining to the handicaped or a persons sexuality.
Profanity is to be avoided on our servers but will not result in a kick or ban if you don't use it excessivly.

These rules also apply to nicknames.
The languages that we use are Swedish and English .

Any sort of racism has no place in a civilised community nor on Swedish Maffia. Doing, saying, writing anything that might be racist will result in a permanent ban.

Sexual harassments

Calculated as a percentage there are very few girls playing this game therefor you should do your very best to make thier stay here a plesant one.
Sexual harassments, against boys and girls, are prohibited by law and are therefore strictly forbidden on Swedish Maffia.
This will most certainly result in ban. If it comes to the worst, a permban.

Whine, spam and advertisement
These thing may get you kicked and banned, so pay attention.
Whine: Whining about getting killed and lagg etc.
Spam: Writing things repeatedly. One time is enough. For example "Votemap X!". Scripts on IRC that spams out information is not allowed, for example: awayscripts.
Advertisement: Plugging webpages, services and products is forbidden. It's OK to advertise your clans webpage in our forum (your forum signature).

Stealing other peoples nicknames are not allowed. This applies to nicknames known on SWM.se.

If your unsure if something is allowed or not, ask first.
Remember: Using our services is not a right. It's a privilege.


How one should play Counter Strike on Swedish Maffia's servers.

  • The terrorists shall, on cs_maps, defend the hostages from being rescued by the CTs. Or kill all CTs. (Though this is considered "plan B")
  • The terrorists shall, on de_maps, make their way to a bombsite, arm the bomb and GUARD the bomb so that the CTs cant disarm it. Or kill all CTs. (Though this is considered "plan B")
  • The terrorists shall, on as_maps, assasinate the V.I.P. before he/she makes it to the extraction point.

  • The counter terrorists shall, on cs_maps, make their way to where the hostages are being held and escort them to the rescue point. Or kill all Ts. (Plan B)
  • The counter terrorists shall, on de_maps, prevent the Ts from taking over the bombsite and arming the bomb. Defend and protect bombsite from Ts. Or kill all Ts. (Plan B)
  • The counter terrorists shall, on as_maps, protect and escort the V.I.P. to the extraction point. Or kill all Ts. (Plan B)

NOTICE!! Eliminating the entire opposing team is seen as an alternitive to the main objective and should not be seen as a priority!!! Hunting down frags and ignoring the objective is not looked kindly upon by server admins!!

What we do NOT want to see on Swedish Maffia servers.

Cheating is ofcourse not allowed. If a player is found to have been using cheats, that player will be immediately and permantly banned from all Swedish Maffia services.

Team Killing
It goes with out saying that one shoots at the enemy, NOT ones teammates.
This rule is enforced even if your TM is a friend IRL who you just want to "fool around with."
This rule is enforced even if its you that suffers the damage due to "friendly fire."
There are many reasons why one doesnt shoot at his/her teammates. If u dont understand why you shouldnt shoot your teammates by now.... uninstall any and all games from your computer and go play out in the freeway.

Explotation of map "bugs"
(although Counter Strike is as far from realistic as we might want, we try to keep some "realism" intact.)

Planting the bomb "quietly"
On some maps its possible, due to a bug, to plant the bomb so that it makes no "beeping" sounds. Hindering the CTs from finding and defusing it. This is not and will not be tolerated.

Boosting teammates through roofs
On some maps and in certain areas, its possible to "boost" a teammate through the ceiling or roof, gaining acces to an area otherwise inaccessable. Human molecular osmosis sounds cool, but no.. its not allowed.

The grate bug on de_aztec
Just below the bombsite the larger bombsite (yard) in the water, is a grate covering a tunnel. The grate is there to prevent access to it. Sometimes its possible to go behind the grate, due to a "bug". Exploiting this bug is not and will not be tolerated.

In this particicular image the grate bug doesn't show. But at least now you know wich grate we're talking about Wink

"Poor mans wallhack"
On some maps and in certain areas one can "see through" walls exploiting "bugs" in the maps creation. The example shows de_prodigy. Just outside the "garage" is an area where CTs (and Ts) can stand and see through the wall/ceiling into the garage.
Other maps with the "poor mans wallhack" are e.g. aztec, italy and nuke.
Exploiting this bug is not and will not be tolerated.

The ledges around de_aztec
Around the walls of de_aztec are two ledges players can access. One where the wall ends and another immediatley below the other. Because this is Counter Strike and not Spiderman, these ledges are not allowed to be used. In certain areas of the map, these ledges can be used as a "poor mans wallhack" as described above.

On certain maps one can gain access to be able to "walk in mid-air". Something that is obviously not allowed. This is not and will not be tolerated. example: de_dust

The ledges around "the market" on Italy
Around the market area of cs_italy are ledges that can be accessed. This is not allowed. "Poor mans wallhack" can be exploited so one can see through the wall and up the tunnel leading to the hostages.

"Ledge bug" on de_train
In the yard closest to T base, on track 4 where the "pop dog" train car sits is a ledge just above the exit/entrance to the ladder that leads up. Using this ledge is not allowed due to it being "too small for anyone to stand there". Standing on this ledge can give an unfair advantage.

Hostage jumping
not allowed

Bunny jumping
Bunny jumping is generally categorized as obstruction and disturbence and is hence not allowed.
not allowed

Flash Bug
On some areas, in certain maps, one can throw Flashbangs so that everyone on the entire map gets flashed. This is ofcourse NOT allowed and will result in the same punishment as taking advantage of bugs on other maps.
Where and on wich maps will we will not say.
This rule applies to ALL maps.

Planting in-accessable
On some maps you can plant the bomb so that CT cannot defuse it.
This is not allowed.
You should always have a chance to defuse the bomb.
OBS this is not to be misstaken with boost planting, wich is still allowed..

Creepers on cbble
You can walk on some of the creepers on de_cbble, this is seen as bug abuse and is NOT allowed.

Helping someone exploit the bugs mentioned above are ofcource alson not allowed.

Somethings are "boderline bugs" but still allowed

Standing on the lamp outside the garage on de_prodigy is allowed. It gives no exagerated advantage, but rather takes advantage of a place the opponents sometimes forget to look for.

Boosting teammates onto otherwise inaccessable areas, boxes etc. Seems a easy enough and non-superhuman thing to do....

Planting the bomb on top of boxes (Boost Plant) is allowed.

Throwing grenades over walls.
The exaple shows the wall to bombsite A on de_inferno.

Standing on the roofs of the market tents on cs_italy.

Gaining access on top of the "rock" and roof on de_nuke is allowed if you do it by boost from a teammate.


If you´re thinking of doing something and are uncertain of whether or no its allowed.... dont do it. It may result in kick and/or bann.

Admins reserve the right to punish any player found breaking server rules, as they deem necessary. Most often players will receive ONE warning for breaking any rule(s), but in certain circumstances (ex. cheating, foul language ) there will be no warning. Expect a kick and/or bann from our servers.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly in any way, use our forum or #SwM.se on q-net to state your questions, ideas, opinions and arguments. Every admin on Swedish Maffia does their job free of charge and during their free time. And it happens on occasion that we make our share of misstakes too. Swedish Maffia admins are always open for discussion.

Admins are often playing using fake-nicks to try and keep an eye on things and catch lamers. "When the cats gone, the rats come out to play.". Not so many players tend to break the rules when they see an admin in the server. If you suspect a player of cheating, dont start spamming "player xx cheats". More often than not the suspected cheater will leave the server before anyone has taken a wonid, screenshot and/or demo.
If u suspect a cheater, heres what to do:
Open the console and write status. A list of all players on the server will appear. The 2nd of numbers after the players nick (looks like STEAM_x:x:xxxxx), is his SteamID. take a screen shot.
Best would be to record a demo of the suspected cheater and send it to an admin or post it in our "Cheaters/Lamers" section of our forum.

Help us keep our servers free from idiots. Admins can be your friend, or your worst enemy.


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